From Struggle to Triumph

These Teenagers Changed Their Struggle to Triumph

Being a teenager is one of the most complicated times in an individual’s life. Most will struggle with school life, peer pressure, and the changes are bodies make when we go through puberty. Not to mention, trying to understand where we belong in this complicated and mind-boggling world.

However, a person’s imagination is just starting to blossom in this part of his/her life. Dreams start to make more sense, and more teens will want to pursue those goals.

If you are a teenager who is struggling to believe in his/her dreams, then this is the blog for you. These teens climbed out of struggle and made their way to triumph:

  • Gaten Matarazzo, 14 – For an actor, a lisp condition can be a hindrance in landing roles. Gaten Matarazzo was born with a condition called cleidocranial dysplasia which means that the growth of his teeth had been delayed. Average kids have problems in coping with this condition since it can be a source of ridicule and bullying. Gaten, however, chose to embrace his situation and became confident with it.

                                              Gaten Matarazzo Photo Courtesy of IMDb

    When Gaten turned 14 years old, despite his condition, he pursued his dream of becoming a famous actor. He landed a significant role in the Netflix series Stranger Things as the protagonist named Dustin. Dustin, as a character, also has a lisp condition which made it perfect for Gaten. He is also a real-life representation of Dustin because he also exudes confidence and self-acceptance. Gaten wants to become the voice of people who have a lisp condition. He has a desire to help them learn to accept it and live with it.

  • Sumail Hassan, 17 – Some people think that video games are a waste of time. And some have said that an individual will not amount to anything by playing these games. Also, parents are usually intolerant when their children express a desire to pursue a career in professional gaming. However, Sumail Hassan did not care about the skeptics. Sumail has become one of the youngest professional gamers to earn a million dollars through playing video games.

                                               Sumail Hassan Photo courtesy Wikipedia

    E-sports is becoming one of the fastest growing industries and people are starting to see the potential in it. Sumail has gained popularity, and it made him a superstar in DOTA 2. Regardless of people’s belief that video games do not take skill, Sumail has proven that leadership and quick reflexes are just a few skills required to play competitively. With his success, Sumail has gained more $2.3 million, and he is still growing. This money allowed him to move his family into a beautiful house. He made a living out of his dream of becoming a professional gamer.

  • Yusra Mardini 18 – Born in the war-torn country of Syria, Yusra Mardini has experienced struggles more than some adults have endured in their entire life. She is part of the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team that made history in the 2016 Rio Olympics as a world-class swimmer. Her swimming capabilities may not have been enough to bag her a medal, but her story makes her success such an inspiration.

                                            Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

    She had to swim for her life along with her sister. While the war is ravaging their home country, they fled using a dinghy crossing the Aegean Sea. The dinghy broke down, and she had to swim for 3 hours against the waves of the sea. Thankfully, she and her companions willed themselves to reach the shores of Lesbos for safety.

    Mardini inspired the refugees who struggled to survive amidst the war as they fled. More refugees saw a ray of hope because of Mardini and have struggled to start a new chapter in their life.

If you have a dream, then you must hold on to them. Never give up on your dreams no matter how hard the situation might be. There will always be people who will try to bring you down, especially if you are different. You must never give up in the face of adversity.

Your dream is yours, not theirs. Never allow others the opportunity to break you. There are a lot of kids who have faced more adversity than you can imagine and yet they pursued and made their dreams come true. When you think that life is not panning out the way you want it to at the moment, remember that you will have your chance. You just have to be patient and persevere through every obstacle you face, keeping your eye on the goal.

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