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Our Temecula Home

The Temecula House team strives to provide the best care, guidance, and supervision for our youth. Staff strongly encourage residents to learn to regulate their emotions in a healthy manner and develop appropriate communication and coping skills. Residents work their weekly structured program, including a daily routine of waking up, tidying their rooms, completing hygiene, chores, and eating breakfast before going off to school Monday through Friday. After returning home from school, all residents are offered snacks and then immediately prompted to transition into 30 minutes of quiet time during which they are encouraged to relax and get ready to engage in the treatment milieu offered. Staff continues to be a supportive presence by
helping each resident work their program and meet their treatment and house goals.

Our strong staff consist of a therapist, a clinical youth care counselor, a facility manager, and youth care counselor staff. Although each staff may have different roles, we all carry the common goal to provide the best care to our residents. Our therapist role is to encourage our resident’s to participate in individual therapy at least twice a week and group therapy daily. Our clinical youth care counselor has created interventions such as: decorating shoe boxes, and making Valentine’s Day cards. Resident’s have taken these tools and used them for social skill building and anger management skill building to decrease negative behaviors.

Every Wednesday our residents go out in the community and spend time with the animals at Green Acres Interactive Therapy to engage in equine therapy. Residents appear to enjoy horseback riding and petting the animals, feeding them, and giving them water. Some resident’s expressed that they enjoy being around the animals and it makes them feel good. The residents enjoy playing video games, having Nerf wars at the park, and going to the library to complete their homework. The Temecula house boys have engaged in a plethora of outdoor activities as well. On Saturday January 27th , the residents drove up to the snow and played in it. On February 16th, the boys attended a car show in Temecula. On February 24th, the boys went to Costa Mesa for rock climbing. The boys also went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on March 2nd.


(951) 653-7561

Child Abuse Hotline:
(800) 827-8724

Suicide Hotline:
(800) 243-8255

Poison Hotline:
(800) 222-1222

Mental/Behavioral Health
(888) 743-1478 ext. 211

(877) 846-1602

Substance Abuse Screening

Assessment & Referral Center:
(909) 421-4601

California Youth Crisis Line:
(909) 843-5200

Transitional Ade Youth:
(909) 357-7194

Choices Clinic Medical & Counseling:
(909) 888-3100

Family Resource Center:
(909) 875-5288

Kids Come First Community Clinic:
(909) 673-9125

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Plan-It Life, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) residential treatment center for at-risk youth, ages 12 -18. Plan-It Life, Inc. was founded in 2001 by CEO/ Administrator Shelia C. Marshall -McLean, LMFT, a Clinical Psychotherapist with a passion for fostering growth and self-awareness in youth. Mrs. McLean envisioned a safe haven where abused and/or neglected teens could come to learn social skills, decision-making skills, improve their education, receive anger management and therapy, as well as assistance in transitioning into the next phase of their lives.