Fall Family Fun

It’s fall time!

What does that mean? In most areas, the weather grows colder and the days become shorter while leaves change colors taking on a beautiful hue of red, orange and yellow. It’s also an excellent time for families to enjoy each other and share in the holiday season. So what kind of activities can you and your children enjoy during this season?


Pack up a basket with a thermos of hot chocolate, some crackers and cheese and head to the park. Lay out a blanket and enjoy a cooler day with the family. It’s low cost and fun. While you’re at the park, play catch or soccer. If your children are young, play with them on the playground.


Even after Halloween, it’s a fun time to pick out a pumpkin at the store, set up the kitchen table and have a fun pumpkin carving contest. If you’d rather not make it a contest, then just have fun as a family. If you have little ones, give them washable markers to draw on their pumpkin. Make some hot chocolate or cinnamon tea and don’t forget to bake your pumpkin seeds, salt them and enjoy them while you create your masterpiece.

Scavenger Hunt

Bundle up and head out for a fall scavenger hunt. Print out this creative list that we made for you and start your search. Take on this project together and see who can find all the fall goodies to fill up their sheet. Then, when you get home, take your new items and place them in a container. You can now use these items to decorate the house, make cards, or search for other projects that you might enjoy using your new fall delights. Here is a great scavenger hunt list that you can print and use!


scavanger hunt list photo

Thankful Tree

Take a walk outside and collect sticks to make your very own Thankful Tree.

Local Library

Your local library may have all kinds of free events that you can enjoy. Check their website calendar. Plus, each of you can check out a book, go to a local park, lay out a blanket and read. When you’re finished, and while you’re sitting around the dinner table having dinner, it’s a great time to talk about your book with the family.

Take day trips to see the Fall colors

The trees have reached their most breathtaking any time their leaves change from green to red, orange, and yellow. If there is anything that signifies Fall, it is the leaves. Try and make efforts to see them in their glory. Moreover, it only happens once a year. Let’s take advantage of the beauty. Even bring your camera along so you can capture those beautiful trees.

 Fall Word search

Everyone loves the challenge of a word search. How about a fall word search with some cool harvest season words. We made one that you can print and use with your family. Click here to download: word-search

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. We hope that you found some of these ideas fun and worth a try. There a small window before the weather turns icy cold and days outside will be limited due to rain and snow. Take advantage of this time and enjoy the season of Fall.

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