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Teenage Vaping: A Dangerous Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 41 million vapers. And according to a December 2018 drugabuse.gov article, the results of a Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey of a nationally representative sample of eighth, 10th, and 12th graders in American schools reported that 37.3% of 12th graders had vaped within the past 12…

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Importance of Journaling for Youth

Importance of Journaling for Youth   Keeping a journal may remind writers of their goals and the lessons they’ve learned over time. Journaling can give writers an opportunity to create thoughtful internal conversations with themselves. Sometimes young adults are overwhelmed by the events in their lives. They may allow their emotional reactions to get the…

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National Craft Month: A Closer Look into Creativity

National Craft Month: A Closer Look into Creativity For every “Eureka” moment, there’s a brain hemisphere working to foster creativity and inventiveness in the human body. Each “aha” moment, whether academic, artistic, or physical in nature, is mainly manifested by humans’ inherent creative thinking.   Understanding creativity warrants an interdisciplinary study that encompasses the fields…

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I Am NOT For Sale!

Understanding Human Trafficking Modern human trafficking has its roots in the slavery of yesteryear. Perpetrators still use force, coercion, or fraud to obtain labor or commercial sex. Forbes called human trafficking a pandemic of the 21st century.   Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a crime that escalates into physical violence, sexual violence, enslavement, and other…

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5 Steps to Keeping your School Bully-Free

5 Steps to Keeping your School Bully-Free Bullying has become a fact of life that happens in every school. Especially for children, it is not unusual to get bullied by their peers on a daily basis. Bullying takes many forms, and it may even include something that seems harmless at first, such as teasing. However,…

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From Struggle to Triumph

These Teenagers Changed Their Struggle to Triumph Being a teenager is one of the most complicated times in an individual’s life. Most will struggle with school life, peer pressure, and the changes are bodies make when we go through puberty. Not to mention, trying to understand where we belong in this complicated and mind-boggling world….