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Providing More Than Basics

Plan-It Life offers more than the basic necessities that children and young adults need to succeed and grow.  We offer not just shelter but a home, food, clothing, day-to-day necessities and psychological security. We give these young people a chance to dream and believe that the possibilities of their future are endless and limitless–that they can be who they aspire to be. 

Our homes are structured in a way that places education first along with social skills enhancement and the development of life skills. We seek to establish internally motivated change that will be profound within the individual while they are a resident at Plan-It Life and throughout their future going forward. 

This change and self-betterment can only happen with a creative, caring, and authentically engaged staff. With unconditional support and encouragement of our highly trained staff, we’ve been able to impact the youth who have lived in our homes. 

We believe everyone deserves a second chance and at Plan-It Life, you walk in a stranger, are given the tools succeed and leave a family member of Plan-It Life. 


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