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Support and Encouragement

Often times teenagers come to us troubled or struggling to understand who they are and where they fit in. With support and encouragement, we’re able to start on the road of self-awareness and self-worth.  Here at Plan-It Life, we also offer educational and tutorial services to enhance academic needs. Often times that extra help will give teenagers the confidence to accomplish more than they thought was possible. This, in turn, builds their self-esteem. 

There are times when a teenager may need more assistance. We offer psychological and psychiatric services to resolve emotional issues that have become barriers to their success. Working closely with a staff member, the youth has a greater capacity for attention to the process, will learn to develop closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers, an ultimately gain the confidence they have been lacking prior to living at Plan-It Life. 

But it’s not all work at Plan-It Life. We believe that the youth can learn through age-appropriate leisure activities that teach teamwork and teambuilding, patience, understanding and the ability to encourage and support their peers as well. 



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