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107 Text Abbreviations Every Parent Should Know

What does your teenager’s text mean?

Teenagers today, just like in our day, are trying to find their individuality. And, with teachers and parents and many other role models telling them what they can and cannot do, they often find ways to communicate with their peers that will fly under the radar of adults. So, how can we keep track of our children when they have their own lingo?

 Be aware and arm yourself with knowledge!

Everything about technology screams a need for education, especially for those of us who were born during a time when the world didn’t rely on technology. Instead, we came running home when the street lights came on or before curfew. However, our children know technology like it’s second nature—innate—or they were born with the skills. Have you ever seen a six-year-old handle a video game as if they were in an astronaut flight simulator? It’s amazing.

That’s why we need to be one step ahead of our preteens and teenagers! Here is a list of acronyms that kids have developed to be covert when texting with their peers. Not all are bad, but there are some very important ones here that should give you a moment’s pause if you see them—and provide you with an opportunity to talk to your child about the dangers associated with some of the acronyms of concern. Do you recognize any of these abbreviations? Well, now you know what they mean.

*Please note that some may have other meanings, so don’t jump to accuse. Just allow this to open the door to a meaningful conversation with your teenager.


(L)MIRL: Let’s meet in real life.

1174: Party meeting place

143: I love you.

420 Marijuana

4COL: For crying out loud

4EAE: Forever and ever

53x: Sex

8: Oral Sex

9: Parent watching

99: Parent gone

ADDY: Address

ADN: Any day now

AF: Acronym for “as f#c%” and it means extremely. Example: “I’m tired AF.”

AFAIK: As far as I know

AFK: Away from keyboard

AMEZRU: I am easy, are you?

ASL: Age, sex, location

ATM: At the moment

ATM: At this moment

B/C: Because

B4: Before

Bae: Baby or babe in a romantic way

Banana: Part of male anatomy

BF / GF: Boyfriend / Girlfriend

BRB: Be right back

Broken: Hungover from alcohol

BTW: By the way

CD9: Parents around (code 9)

CID: Acid, LSD (the drug)

CU46: See you for sex.

DOC: Drug of choice

F2F: Face-to-face meeting

FWB: Friends with benefits

FWIW: For what it’s worth

FYEO: For your eyes only

FYI: For your information

GNOC: Get naked on camera

GYPO: Get your pants off.

HAK: Hugs and kisses

HAND: Have a nice day.

Hooking up: This usually means having sex with someone.

IDK: I don’t know.

IKR: I know, right?

ILY / ILU: I love you.

IMHO: In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion

IMO: In my opinion

IPN: I’m posting naked.

IRL: In real life

IWSN: I want sex now.

J/K: Just kidding

J4F: Just for fun

JIC: Just in case

JSYK: Just so you know

KOTL – Kiss on the lips

KPC: Keeping parents clueless

LH6: Let’s have sex.

Lit: Drunk or stoned. Example: “I got lit at that party.”

LMK: Let me know

LOL: Laughing out loud

MOS: Mom over shoulder

NAZ: Name/address/ zip

Netflix and chill: Modern way to invite someone in for a nightcap. This is another way to invite someone to hook up.

NIFOC: Naked in front of computer

NM: Never mind

NMU: Not much, you?

NP: No problem

NTS: Note to self

OH: Overheard

OMG: Oh my God

ORLY: Oh, really?

P911: Parent alert

PAL: Parents are listening.

PAW: Parents are watching.

PIR: Parent in room

PLS or PLZ: Please

POS: Parent over shoulder

PPL: People

PRON: Porn

PTB: Please text back.

QQ: Crying

RL: Real life

ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing

RU/18: Are you over 18?

RUH: Are you horny?

SMH: Shaking my head

SRSLY: Seriously

SSDD: Same stuff, different day

SUGARPIC: Suggestive or erotic photo

SWAK: Sealed with a kiss

SWYP: So, what’s your problem?

TBH: To be honest

TDTM: Talk dirty to me.

THOT: That hoe over there

TIA: Thanks in advance

TMI: Too much information

TMRW: Tomorrow

TTYL: Talk to you later.

TWD: Texting while driving

TY: Thank you

VSF: Very sad face

WB: Welcome back

WTH: What the heck?

WTTP: Want to trade pictures?

WUF: Where are you from?

WYCM: Will you call me?

YW: You’re welcome

ZOMG: Oh my God (sarcastic)

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